CIMCORE Portable Measuring Arms

CIMCORE, a brand of Hexagon Metrology, offers high performance 6 and 7 axis portable measuring arms. Portable arm technology is used in over 100 different manufacturing sectors for precise 3D dimensional measurement of components and sub-assemblies. Typical workpieces can be of any material and include carbon-fibre parts, castings, pressed sheet metal parts, tubes and pipes, moulds and dies, fixtures and so on. The applications are endless. For more detailed information, please request the flyer.

CIMCORE Arm 6 axis CIMCORE Measuring Arm Integrated 3D Laser Scanner CIMCORE Measuring Arm Interchangeable 3D Laser Scanner

CIMCORE Arm with Six Movement Axes

The 6-axis CIMCORE Arm is designed for maximum flexibility when measuring a wide range of parts using the high-accuracy range of touch probes that are supplied as standard.

CIMCORE ARM with Integrated 3D Laser Scanner

Combining high-speed laser scanning with high accuracy touch probing, this is an all-purpose metrology system for almost any measurement need.

CIMCORE ARM with External 3D Laser Scanner

Combining touch-probe technology with the state of the art HP-L-20.8 laser scanner, this is the solution for the most complex measurement needs.

CIMCORE Measuring Arm Tube Inspection Request the CIMCORE Flyer CIMCORE Arm Compact

CIMCORE ARM Tube Inspection Solution

Designed to combine all tube and pipe-related measurement tasks into a single non-contact solution, the Tube Inspection Solution.

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Explore the range of portable measuring arm sizes and specifications for your industrial measuring application.


Extremely high-accuracy coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that brings total portability to high-tolerance 3D measurement even on the shop floor. It is the only portable CMM on the market today with full ISO 10-360-2 certification.

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CIMCORE Arms are built in ISO certified Hexagon Metrology factories located in the United States and France, and are sold and supported through a worldwide network of independent distributors that bring local support and expertise for your mobile measuring requirements. Enquires submitted through this site may be passed to a third party distribution partner in your region.

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