Make CMM ownership smarter 

With MyCare, you can count on saving money and minimizing unplanned downtime with regular service scheduled up to a year in advance. You also get software coverage and unlimited access to tech support to make sure your system is always in optimal condition, enabling 24/7 access to all our support services. Now that's smart. 

Choose the MyCare package that's right for you and save as much as $15,0001:


MyCare Essential

MyCare Essential covers all the necessary services and support for your system including annual certification, preventative maintenance, software updates, tech support, discounts and MyCare Rewards. 


MyCare Premium

MyCare Premium is a more comprehensive offering, tailored for mid-size companies and systems that are either older than 4 years or under heavy utilization loads. With MyCare Premium you receive all the benefits of MyCare Essential, plus PC coverage, annual calibration, repair labor coverage, wear-and-tear parts, major machine components, and trade-in lock credit. 


MyCare Rewards2  is our way of giving you even more savings:  

  • 25% off SFx Asset Management
  • Discounts on eStore purchases, accessories, training, contract inspection, contract programming, software and hardware upgrades
  • Unlimited access to on-line training (1 seat per system)
  • Discounts on special events


Looking for more coverage? Ask us about MyCare Legacy and MyCare Enterprise

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1Over a five-year period, compared to typical annual Certification/Calibration/SMA cost paid a la carte.  2Customer must have at least one system per location under MyCare Subscription (any level) in order to gain access to MyCare Rewards. MyCare Rewards are subject to change without notice.  3If your subscription is discontinued the trade-in rewards reset to zero.  4Credit earned is not to exceed $6,000. If you trade in the existing system, additional credit will depend on size, configuration, age and condition of the machine. MyCare is available only in the United States. 

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