Free PC-DMIS Offline software offer

Helping businesses to work smarter

Due to the extraordinary situation created by the COVID-19 virus, we want to help our fellow metrology professionals to remain as productive as possible at a time when so many may be required to work from home.

Therefore, we are offering an opportunity to download and use PC-DMIS Offline licences that can be used at home for creating measurement routines or analysing data.

This offer will be valid until end of June 2020 and should there be a need beyond that date we will extend it. We hope with this small gesture we can assist you with business continuity and to be as productive as possible through these difficult times.

This offer is available to any metrology professional, no matter what metrology software you currently use. You can download a licence to help you keep productive or to try a product you have never used before. There are no restrictions. 

Additional free training available for all

As face-to-face training will not be possible at this time, we will also be offering online training free of charge to help you continue your operations.

 Access to select online training courses will be free until end June 2020.

This will not impact your current contract with us. Customers with existing SMAs will continue to be able to access technical support and remote access to our application engineers as usual.

We wish all our customers and their families the best during these difficult events.

To access the free software and online training, please fill out the form and we will be in touch shortly.


To start your registration for the PC-DMIS Offline licence please fill out the following information