We're facing some of the most significant challenges we've seen in a generation. We're on the cusp of a revolution that's changing the way we conduct business.

However rather than shrink away from the challenges we face we need to ensure we emerge stronger and better. It’s time to turn the switch! The recovery will be digital therefore, we should aim for Digital transformation.  

The Elevate Electronics series focuses on digital re-invention for the industry that literally has the power to change it all; Electronics.

Take advantage of this webinar series that is for everyone who wants to improve, re-invent or re-design electronics. Whether you are:

  • an engineer, controller, operator or manager in electronics industry
  • experienced or beginner in the semiconductor or consumer electronics sector
  • at the beginning of the thread in R&D
  • or at the end of the thread as a supplier or distributor

We take you on a journey through the digital thread along: Design & Engineering, Manufacturing, Production & Process Management, Quality & Validation.

Webinar 1: How Hexagon can lead the digital re-invention

Webinar 2: Designing & Engineering the Perfect Printed Circuit Board

Webinar 3: Quality; closed loop, automation, accuracy & speed

Webinar 4: Embrace agility and address the most common reason for electronics failure - Thermo-Structural Cycling & Fatigue

Webinar 5: Panel interview: Electronics Digital Transformation - A vision for the new year

Webinar 6: ICME for better, more optimized and faster new product development in the electronics industry