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Experience the flexibility of Structured Light Scanning

With our in-depth virtual demonstrations, you can experience the benefits of our comprehensive portfolio of 3D optical measurement solutions from the comfort of your own home, office or shop-floor.

What to expect

  • An overview of Hexagon solutions, support and services that help you drive productivity
  • An introduction to Structured Light Scanning technology
  • The end-to-end process of scanning a complex part to produce measurement results
  • An informative customer and application specific question and answer session

Have a specific part or application that you'd like us to utilize during the demo? We encourage that! It is our priority to ensure that every demo is geared towards the specific challenges of the customer.  When requesting a virtual demo, be sure to make note this in the comment section of the form.

The Technology

Structured Light Scanner systems are comprehensive 3D optical measurement solutions that deliver high-accuracy data capture at high-speed for small-to-medium sized parts. All Hexagon SLS solutions work automatically and produce full surface data repeatably with minimal operator interaction.


The PrimeScan optical 3D scanner line from Hexagon is an attractive entry-level solution for highly precise 3D digitisation of industrial components. Like other Hexagon structured light scanner models, the PrimeScan is based on fringe projection technology that provides the strongest luminous power and highest projection quality.


The non-contact structured light scanning technology of the SmartScan enables very fast data acquisition at a high level of detail. The scanner’s compact design and low weight allow for fully mobile usage, including within challenging workshop conditions. Even under the demands of temperature fluctuation, the scanner maintains extremely stable and reliable performance, based on its carbon-fibre structure.

StereoScan neo

As an unrivalled high-end structured light scanning system, the StereoScan neo delivers superior resolution and accuracy alongside an array of innovative features that make area scanning more comprehensive than ever before.

Software Integration

Our SLS solutions deliver flexibility by directly integrating with industry leading inspection software such as PC-DMIS, Inspire, Polyworks, and OQTON.


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