BendingStudio XT: Tube and wire inspection, analysis and production feedback within a single software solution

The new BendingStudio XT is a specialised software solution for tube measurement, analysis and production machine control that builds on the key features of the well-established BendingStudio platform. From tube and wire inspection to reverse engineering and end-to-end manufacturing applications, BendingStudio XT is a fully featured measurement and analysis solution with the capacity to step beyond inspection to feedback directly into the production process.

This 40-minute webinar helps you learn more about how Hexagon’s solutions can increase the efficiency of tube production. Each of our BendingStudio XT-compatible hardware solutions is presented, to support you in identifying which best fits your specific applications.

Webinar highlights

  • Latest market trends for tube production
  • Tube production – Hexagon’s solutions for prototyping, reverse engineering, and mass production (automation)
  • Hidden costs of tube production
  • Product overview
    • Absolute Arm with Tube Probe
    • Absolute Arm with Laser Scanner
    • TubeInspect
    • TubeInspect AUTOMATION


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