Purpose built to increase measurement productivity 

Check out the HP-L-10.10

Quickly measure thousands of data points more accurately than ever before, and with fewer passes. Together with PC-DMIS measuring software this scanner brings unique new functions that transform the usage of CMMs during measurement programs and offers advanced reporting and collaboration. 

What makes this unique?

Compact Design

More powerful and compact than traditional laser scanners, thanks to its design and shorter stand-off, the HP-L-10.10 can reach tighter cavities. Shorter Stand-off also has benefits when measuring larger components on smaller CMMs or measuring series of parts on pallets due to better accessibility.

SHINE Technology

One of the best CMM blue light sensors in the market, and the only one that works with PC-DMIS. SHINE benefits manufacturers by providing the capability to collect high-quality and high-accuracy data reflective surfaces. With Hexagon’s SHINE technology, the laser can scan almost any material regardless of the surface finish. Glossy or reflective surfaces present no problem. There’s no need for surface preparation with spray or markers.

Overview Camera

The integrated overview camera is a unique feature of the HP-L-10.10 that can be used for remote teaching, operator guidance, and reporting. A ‘visual guide’ shown in the video stream indicating the lasers working range allows the quality technician to validate part inspection routines when working remotely from the CMM, while enabling operators to direct the laser line scanner to areas and features of interest.

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